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As VP of Marketing, Television and Innovation, Kimia is the lead player in the creative direction of many of the campaigns for high profile events in the sport of boxing. In charge of communicating, marketing and promoting the event to a wide and diverse  public in the US to generate ticket sales at the local level, foreign television licence sales for the international market, and  pay per view buys to local and foreign audiences to generate income from this lucrative market, Kimia is in charge of a hand picked crew whom she has appointed as her team and also works with key personnel and executives in other media - from the arenas such as the legendary Madison Square Gardens to broadcasters such as HBO and HBO PPV and Ad agencies. 

In her role as VP of Marketing, Television and Innovation, Kimia is in charge of appointing and managing personnel in  the photography, design, web, and television departments and integrating all efforts to create an efficient and cost effective unit with creative flair in a constantly changing landscape always open to generate fresh and innovative ideas.

Some examples of promotional material can be viewed below:


Mississippi A New Beginning PosterMississippi Hurricane Relief PosterPride of St. Louis Poster

Web Promotions:

We Are Together Event Page Chengdu 11-7-08Peter vs. Klitschko Germany 10-11-08NY Street Talk

Fight Programs:

We Are Together Fight Propram Chengdu 11-7-08Mississippi A New Beginning PosterPride of St. Louis Program

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